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The Lion and the Firebird

As the first low budget independent film to be shot entirely on an LED volume, we're breaking ground for filmmakers to take their stories to incredible new worlds.

In 40,000 BCE, when an early human fleeing her own tribe comes face to face with a Neanderthal, she must decide whether to turn back or trust him. The Lion and the Firebird is a radical new vision of the ancient past, inspired by recent breakthroughs in the understanding of Neanderthal anatomy, language, and culture.

Learn more and view the film trailer here.
The Emberá and the Harpy Eagle

Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle, a documentary shot in the Darién Gap, Panama focusing on conservation efforts by the Emberá tribe and The Peregrine Fund to protect fragile Harpy Eagle nesting sites.
Learn more and view the film trailer here.
Water Warriors

Water Warriors is the story of a community’s successful resistance to the oil and gas industry. When an energy company begins preparations for natural gas extraction in New Brunswick, Canada, the community unites in a campaign to protect their water and way of life.

Water Warriors is a 22-minute short film and a multimedia exhibit that can scale to fit a variety of spaces and events.
StageWorks Episode 1: Chimerica
StageWorks is a series of short theater reviews I wrote, produced and hosted for Pinewood Studios' TV channel. Here, my review of Chimerica, a remarkably ambitious play by Lucy Kirkwood that explores the fast-changing and complex relationship between the United States and China.
StageWorks Episode 2: London vs. NYC
In this episode I ask who does theater better – New York or London?
StageWorks Episode 3: Ibsen's Ghosts
My review of Ibsen's Ghosts and some thoughts on Ibsen's contribution to theater
StageWorks Episode 4: Ibsen's A Doll's House
My review of Ibsen's A Doll's House and interview with Laura Kenward
StageWorks Episode 5: Sophie Treadwell's Machinal
My review of Treadwell's Machinal on Broadway
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Producer, Birds of America and Diminished Capacity (both Sundance Festival Official Selections)
Famil Secrets play
Producer, Martin McDonagh's Lieutenant of Inishmore, Lyceum Theatre (five Tony Award nominations) and Family Secrets, 37 Arts Theatre (Bob Balaban director)

Acting/Voiceover work:

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