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4.07.21 –  We had a great time last week at the Yale Film Festival, where we hosted a panel on Filmmaking, Tree-Climbing, and Conservation! The next stop for Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle is San Francisco IndieFest! Sadly due to Covid we won't be screening in The Roxie Theater in person this year, but you can watch the film online during the festival, starting April 21!
2.18.21 – So excited that a documentary I produced, Aguilucho: Dance of the Harpy Eagle will have its world premiere at the 2021 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital (DCEFF)! We shot the film last year in the Darién Gap, Panama with the amazing Emberá community of Playa Muerto. The film highlights impending threats to this unique area of the world and stars a gorgeous Harpy Eagle nestling! Please join us for the film's premiere March 18-28.
10.22.20 – Despite recent evidence to the contrary, our species' defining trait is our ability to cooperate. Here's a new essay bringing cultural and evolutionary anthropology together to explore how big-brained, language-using homo sapiens evolved – through caring for each other!
7.4.20 – It took a while but we (Play for Voices podcast) have finally produced an adaptation for audio of the play Illegal Helpers which I directed back in November of 2018 at the Czech Center. The play uses verbatim interviews and now newly created sound design to explore the current refugee crisis in Europe through the eyes of ordinary citizens who took it upon themselves to help refugees seeking a new life. Have a listen here!
6.30.20 – As much as I've been a longtime advocate for various social justice issues, I find some of the current political conversation on the left around what I'd broadly call "identity politics" to be disingenuous, allergic to facts, and divisive. Not to mention the silencing of robust political debate and the various episodes of cancel culture. This piece is a tiny effort to look at how this weary form of virtue signaling has played out before throughout modern history. It rarely ends well.
10.09.19 – After several months of intense build-out, Be Electric Studios opened Studio 10, our new 12,000 sq. ft. soundstage, and became a Level Two Qualified Production Facility! We can now pass on the NY Film Tax Credit to qualified film productions shooting in any of our TEN studios in Brooklyn. Feel free to get in touch for anything production related –
5.11.19 – The Play for Voices release party for our newest audio drama, Doppelgänger, will be held on May 18th, 7pm at Be Electric Studios. This production will not be released on our podcast and can only be enjoyed at this one-night-only event! We hope you’ll come listen and celebrate this play and the artists who made it. Site-specific sound and lighting will accompany the production, talkback and cocktail party to follow! More info here.
1.08.19 – Reading some of my short fiction at Massolit Book and Café in Budapest 1.15.19. Event starts at 7pm. Food, drinks, good people!
11.13.18 – I'll be directing Illegal Helpers, a timely play about the refugee crisis in Europe, at the Czech Center in Manhattan on November 16th as part of Freedom and Movement, an evening honoring the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. We'll be recording the play for a podcast to be released later this year – come be a part of a live recording! Tickets available here.
10.21.18 – Join me and the other Human Rights Commissioners for "Housing is a Human Right", an event in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King and the 50th anniversary of the federal Fair Housing Act. The City of Newburgh Human Rights Commission hopes to shine a spotlight on housing rights in our fair city December 13th at 6:30PM, Newburgh Free Library, 124 Grand Street. More details here.

7.15.18 – The multimedia exhibit on hunter-gatherer culture I co-produced, Hadza: The Roots of Equality will be at the Albert Wisner Library in Warwick NY from October 26th through January 13th, 2019. I will be giving a presentation on egalitarian hunter-gatherers as part of the opening reception on October 26th, and a speaker and documentary series will be part of the continuing programming. Send me a note for more details.

7.1.18 – An audio play I co-produced has been accepted to the Grand Prix Nova festival and competition in Bucharest! I'll be joining my production team there later this month for a week of audio drama productions from around the world.

6.10.18 – I have an article and photography in this month's issue of Survival Quarterly about the importance of land rights for hunter-gatherers and conservation.

6.4.18 – Play for Voices, the audio drama podcast I co-produce, is featured on Spoke.

1.15.18 – Join us at MoMA PS1 March 4th, 2-6pm as sex workers and their allies from New York, the tri-state area, and Europe gather to debate, perform, dance, strategize, and share knowledge in the Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance! Message for more details.

9.21.17 – An article on Slate covering The C-Word podcast episode I co-produced.

8.11.17 – An article on Quartz featuring The C-Word podcast episode I co-produced.

5.02.17 – I'll be performing in a re-imagining of Mae West's play Sex at Dixon Place, opening June 3rd. Come!

3.14.17 – The multimedia exhibition on hunter-gatherer culture I co-produced, Hadza: The Roots of Equality will be at Atlas Studios in Newburgh NY from March 25th until April 23rd. There will be an opening reception March 25th and an evening of speakers and documentaries on April 21st.

9.23.16 – I'm currently guest-hosting some episodes of MasculineUs with Sheba Legend, where we discuss gender and current events. You can watch some recent episodes here and here.

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